Mini-Workshop series: Quick Wins


DATES: November 6th, 13th and 20tH, 2018

time: 7PM – 8:30PM (PLEASE arrive at 6:45PM)

LOCATION:  pixie blue studio ltd., 175 lakeshore road east, mississauga

Price: A $297 value – special $149 (+HST for a total of $168.37) for ALL three workshops - payable by e-transfer or credit card

LIMITED TO: 10 participantS

Benefits of attending the Mini-Workshop

A quick “win” is the result of taking small steps towards your bigger “win” or “thing” you want. Kind of like Michelangelo’s beloved “David”.  It was through small “quick wins”, his consistent “chipping”, that his beautiful creation was finally revealed.  It certainly didn't happen overnight. Sometimes only tiny pieces of marble were delicately removed and then, all of a sudden, a slab of marble would fall off.  It was definitely a slow and methodical process, but it was through these small “quick wins” or steps that he was able to reach his bigger “win”, the statue David. 

Where could you use a quick win?

Sometimes when we’re stuck and unable to reach our goals it is because the big win seems so BIG and unattainable that it ends up discouraging us.  I am not sure who said this first, but it is like trying to eat an elephant, it is possible, one bite at a time. Doesn’t that feel more manageable? Where can you take your first bite?

Workshop Outline: 

Week One:

  • We will work through a series of exercises to help you discover the quick “wins” or steps you can take towards your bigger goal, prior to the end of 2018. Don’t know what you want? Week One will get you started.

Week Two:

  • We will work to figure out something that may be getting in your way.  I say “work” however, it is actually fun and playful and holds no judgement.

Week Three:

  • Now that you know what is getting in your way, we will work on some fun strategies to eliminate a roadblock or at least provide you with a different perspective on your roadblock that is more useful. 

All of this work is done, without having to share your deepest darkest secrets or why you want a certain goal.  No one has to share the “roadblock” either.  You are encouraged to STAY in your comfort zone!

There is very little “lecturing” and a lot of exercises to help you get clear on your next step.

By keeping the “thing” you are working on to yourself, you actually get to work on “it”…the “real thing” and isn’t that more useful for you? Curious? Great! Come join us.