What do I have to say?

"nothing ventured, nothing gained"

I love sharing stories of experiences that are possible when you take a breath and leap...just do it and don't look back.  No regrets.  Messy sometimes for sure yet each experience leads to learning and growth and something else to add to my toolkit.  I am passionate about people living the rich, happy lives they deserve.  I am adamant that you do not have to settle for what you think you have been "dealt".  I am a believer in choices and that everything is a choice.  I like to provoke people's thinking, maybe even irritate them a bit.  It is through irritation and provocation that change can happen.  I live by the philosophy "nothing ventured, nothing gained" and no, it has not always led to great things however it has always led to great learning.  I am happy to share my story to inspire others to find theirs. Visit my blog to read some of my stories.