WORKSHOP: What the heck do I want? - SETTING GOALS



Max: 12 participants

Running away from what you “don’t want’ is not the same as running towards what you “DO want”. Think about it. When you are “running away” from what you don’t want there may be an energy of fear, desperation and maybe, initially, some relief. However, when you are running towards something you want…BAM! Completely different energy. The excitement of possibilities and maybe, sometimes, hope.

I am excited to announce that I will be running a "What the heck do I want" Workshop. Why?  Because far too many women I know who are typically 40+ are finding themselves in the position of waking up one day and asking themselves - where has the time gone and whatever happened to the me that used to be or perhaps the me I would like to be?  They may have gotten to a certain point in a career, relationship, parenting etc. and all of a sudden...whoosh....they are questioning what is possible and they don't even know where to begin.  Been there. Done that.  This workshop is designed to be a can of "WD40" for your life.  An opportunity to start the process of considering what IS possible for you (you DO have OPTIONS)  if you take some time to dedicate to it.  100% of participants* have said they have walked away with at least one new perspective on what they want and some steps to get them started. 

Stay tuned for date.

*who completed survey