stuck? what do you want? it all starts there.

Today is a great day to decide that you no longer want to stay stuck...

It doesn't have to be a New Year's resolution, you can pick any day to clean the slate and start again.  So many opportunities lie ahead for you. You want change, maybe it is a new job,  to finally start making the "dream" a reality, spend more time with your family or to find an option when you're feeling like you have none.  Sometimes, you just need a place to begin again. No better time to start then now!

What do you want?

As human beings we are constantly evolving and changing. Perhaps somewhere along the way you have forgotten about what you want or your "wants' have changed. Maybe you've been blind sided by a job loss;  you are facing a tough parenting issue; or your confidence could use a boost.  You have a goal and you are just not moving forward with it.  You know there’s something more for you, and you’re unsure of what that something might be. You're unable to see any options for yourself. The thing is, until you know what you want, you will remain stuck. The good news is, you do not have to stay stuck.... unless you choose to. Yes, staying where you are is an option that is available to you and I promise that it is not the only one.  We partner to get you moving again by identifying your next step, because staying stuck never feels good and taking a step always does.

what's stopping you?

Think about it for a second. Sometimes we know exactly what we want and then...the voice with all the excuses gets to chime in. "I never" or "I should" or "they always" get the picture. Or it could be "I get started and then" fill in the blank.  No matter what these things are, there is a strategy going on in the background and a benefit to staying stuck that is keeping you there. We don't hang on to old habits or behaviours if they are not providing us with some type of benefit. Think of smoker. There are a few "benefits" to being a smoker: taking a time out, often several times a day.  When they take that time out, they are either socializing or maybe they are getting time on their own and, probably most importantly, they are taking slower, deeper breaths.  Get where I'm going with this? Once the benefit of the behaviour that is getting in your way is identified then figuring out how to get that benefit from something else often helps to get you unstuck. It's a process. 


It is possible...

When is the last time you consciously thought about how you would like to feel? We tend to have so many choices and options available to us, that it can be completely overwhelming.  It can be equally overwhelming when you think you have no choice at all. Just sit with the question - how do you want to feel? Make a picture in your mind complete with sights, sounds and feelings.  It is possible to get there. Together we work in creative ways to open up possibilities and identify your self-limiting beliefs so that you can get the results you want!  No cookie cutter approach.  You are an individual and I blend my coaching, NLP, corporate and life experiences to help you find your next step. I help you to see options where you can't.  Curious?  Contact me for a ZERO pressure conversation to see what's possible for you.

The same old thinking that got you here won’t get you there…