Workshops don't have to be work!


I create and deliver unique workshops to meet the needs of the unique groups of people who come into the room.  If you have tried the "typical" workshop experience and still feel something is missing, you may be interested in trying something new.  My workshops are definitely off the beaten path in terms of how I run them and the results you can expect.   

So what can you expect?

Expect something different!  Come curious, with an open mind and ready to explore new ways to approach what you want.  If you come expecting results, you will get them.

I am a firm believer in trying different things out, I love playing with ideas and concepts to see what sticks and I love helping my clients to see the fun side of things.

We work content free - what does this mean and what is the benefit of this? The minute we open our mouths we filter what we are saying. By working content free, people are able to work through the exercises with complete freedom to work on whatever is most meaningful to them without worry of judgement. For example, when you come to the “Changing Habits” workshop, you do not share what your habit is or when you are setting goals, you keep your goal to yourself.  This is so powerful in getting the most out of each workshop.  

What's the vision I have for participants?

Participants will walk away from my workshops thinking and with a new perspective on a current situation or perhaps an old problem that keeps rearing its head.  I want participants to say "that was different".  I guarantee you will walk away with at least one new way to look at an old situation or point of view that you have been hanging on to.  Yes, I guarantee it.  How can I be so sure?  My workshops blend my corporate, coaching, NLP and life experiences together to create a unique way of approaching getting what you want.  I help participants to look at things differently, with curiosity and playfulness all while in a safe and supportive environment. 


Each workshop can stand on its own to offer participants:

  • insight on habits
  • ways to change your perspective on how you approach setting and reaching goals
  • tools to tap into a more "resourceful" you

"CHANGING HABITS" - now upon request

What habits are getting in the way of you getting what you want?  Come discover why you do that thing you do, or don't do that thing you want to do.  We'll get curious and play and you'll walk away with something to think about and a different view on habits!

Price is $99 per participant- maximum 10 participants

"creating what's next - setting goals" - now upon request

So you have a firm goal or maybe you're thinking about a goal and you are looking for more clarity. Or you are in the middle of a life transition and just don't know what "it" is yet.  What now? This highly interactive workshop offers several unique exercises to open up options for you.   We work creatively and content free.  You will learn how to tap into useful ways "to be" while you are making things happen.  100% of participants* have said they have walked away with at least one new perspective on what they want and some steps to get them started.

*who completed survey

Price is $99 per participant - maximum 10 participants


"getting unstuck - how to get moving when you are in the muck" - now upon request

Stuck, stranded, backed into a corner, whatever you want to call it. You have set goals or know what you want yet you cannot seem to get moving. Sometimes the best intentions to get stuff done are met by overwhelm. It happens. To everyone. It might be when you are on overload and can't seem to function that you could use a hand in identifying your "next best step" to get unstuck.  Did you hear that? Your "next best step", not the 5 year plan.  Sound like something you could use? Come join us and get curious!  Oh, and we also have fun doing it.

Price is $99 per participant- maximum 10 participants


"your custom workshop" - upon request

I work with clients to create workshops to meet their unique requirements.  I have worked in the real estate realm as well as the career transition space to create experiences for those particular audiences.  If you have tried everything and are curious to see what I can offer,  give me a shout!

Price to be negotiated

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