Workshops don't have to be work!

Walk away with a new perspective

I create and deliver workshops that open up a different perspective for participants.  Whether there is an old habit that has been blocking you from moving forward; a lack of clarity in the direction you want to go or knowing what you want and feeling stuck - looking at an old situation with a new lens may be useful for you.   

what can you expect?

Expect something slightly different!  Come curious, with an open mind and ready to explore new ways to approach what you want.  If you come expecting results, you will get them.

We work in your comfort zone, without you having to share your deepest, darkest secrets! - what does this mean and what is the benefit of this?  You know what you want to work on. That is what matters and the minute you open your mouth, you filter what you want to say. This is human. We are wired to connect and we want to fit in. When you don’t have to share “it”, you are able to work through the exercises with complete freedom to work on whatever is most meaningful to you without worry of judgement. For example, when you come to the “Changing Habits” workshop, you do not share what your habit is or when you are setting goals, you keep your goal to yourself.  This is so powerful in getting the most out of each workshop.  

What's the vision I have for you?

You will walk away from my workshops thinking and with a new perspective on a current situation or perhaps an old problem that keeps rearing its head.  I guarantee you will walk away with at least one new way to look at an old situation or point of view that you have been hanging on to.  Yes, I guarantee it.  How can I be so sure?  My workshops blend my corporate, coaching, NLP and life experiences together to create a unique way of approaching getting what you want.  I help you to look at things differently, with curiosity and playfulness all while in a safe and supportive environment. 


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