When Is It the “right” time?

Image Source: http://www.turismo.intoscana.it

Image Source: http://www.turismo.intoscana.it

As I continue on my journey as a coach, accountability partner, motivator, mindset changer…I am starting to notice some old patterns in myself re-surfacing.  Primarily, the crippling theme of “perfection” is starting to rear its ugly head.  I’ll do this when…you fill in the blank – I have my final designation, I have this many $$, the kids are grown up, the mortgage is paid, after this one project is done, when I’m not travelling as much etc… you get the picture.

All the input I provide to my clients does not seem to apply to me!  Funny isn’t it?  For some reason,we can share our wisdom, provide our guidance and gently push our clients in the direction they want to go yet, when it comes to ourselves we seem to be exempt.  We tell them not to worry about everything being 100% in place, just go play, be curious and have fun.  Make mistakes and learn.  Be awkward!

I remind myself that Michelangelo did not create his beloved David overnight.  He chipped away lovingly at it until David revealed himself.  Through tiny shifts and maybe the odd occasional chunk of marble falling off, the beauty, strength and potential within was revealed.  It was a labour of true love. If we wait until we are perfectly ready, then nothing will happen.

You can think about what you want, talk about what you want, dream about what you want but until you take action, it is just a thought.

My “David” is far from ready however, being a work in progress is pretty cool too.  It’s time to take action!