Why thinking is useful!

When was the last time you were stimulated enough by something to actually want to sit down and consciously take some time to think about it? 

I am guessing that you are not alone if you cannot remember when the last time you did this was. Thinking time is underrated and under utilized and unfortunately, we often go through our days in auto pilot doing what we do and ultimately, getting what we get.

Why do I mention this or even think it is worth writing about?

I create and deliver unique workshops and the primary outcome of success for the participant is - are they walking away thinking?  This is my measure of success - getting participants to have a new way to look at something, whether it is a personal thing or a work thing doesn't really matter. There is no line in our brain between these things.  We are people first.

What does this matter?  Well, after 20 plus years in the corporate world, I cannot begin to tell you how many different team building events, motivational speakers, experts in whatever the flavour of the month/quarter/year. the company was subscribing to, that I  the pleasure of being exposed to. I do not say that with sarcasm.  I am the exception that loved hearing new ideas, learning new concepts from:  what my "colour" told me and my colleagues about how I thought: why laughter was important: how to set goals etc. etc.  The one that probably had the biggest impact on me was working with my strengths...that was a pivotal  moment for me and literally shifted my career and life.  It was one of those things that actually made me think - differently.

While most of my colleagues grumbled about the time these things took away from their day or how it didn't apply to them, I was walking away, always, with at least one nugget to put in my tool kit. However, I was the exception. I don't blame my colleagues for the reaction they had.  After years and years they had noticed a pattern - flavour of the month/quarter/year - insert speaker/training/workshop etc. - walk away and ZERO follow up to embed the training etc.  What a shame, what a lost opportunity.  Colleagues, rightfully, became jaded. They were investing their time in their development that ultimately would be a distant memory in a month or so.  They were not stimulated to think.

This is where my workshops are different!  I run a series of three workshops (check our my website for more details www.steppingstonecoaching.ca) that provide a way to get people to think differently about how they approach things - whether at work or in life.  I offer them with enough space in between for thought and close enough for participants to keep the interest and momentum.

In addition, I can customize a workshop to what you are looking for in your organization.

Here's what I can pretty much guarantee:  you have never experienced anything like this, you will walk away with at least one different perspective on how to approach a previous situation and you will be thinking.  And...your employees will be left curious and wanting more. Period.

Want different? Do different!