What do you want and what's getting in the way?

As we approach the end of 2017 and are on the cusp of another year, I find that I am asking myself this question.

What do you want?

One thing I know for sure is that if you do as you always have, you will get what you have always had and, there is absolutely nothing wrong with this, unless you think there is.

How many times do we express frustration in our lives about “something” (you fill in the blank here) that will not change?  It could be something physical that we are not satisfied with, a relationship that is not working, a job we hate or a parenting challenge etc. etc.  We complain up and down to anyone who will listen and continue to get more and more frustrated. Doesn’t sound like fun to me.  Nor does it sound productive.  When you truly want to have different, guess what?  You are going to have to “do” different.  This is work, which is why most of us would rather complain then get our butts in gear and do something about it.

What if I told you that you may be doing things on "autopilot" and your results are reflecting this? Ouch.  What habit(s) do you have that are getting in the way of changing what you have, to what you want?  Keep in mind that not all habits are necessarily “bad” and even if they are deemed “bad” – think smoking, there is still something you are getting out of it – think deep breathing.

Habits, by nature, seem to lock us into a behaviour.  It is so much easier to keep doing what our brain has “programmed” then to try and shift it.  Our brains think in patterns based on previous experience:  “if A happens then I do B” – when something similar happens, our brain looks for something similar in our past and attaches a pattern that has worked before to it.  In other words, our brain can be a little lazy or you could say, it likes to be efficient, why exert extra energy when something has worked in the past?  Habits tend to get results without getting the brain involved.

Useful in lots of situations however, habits can totally keep you trapped in a behaviour that does not get you what you want.

What’s my point?

Habits are powerful. Identifying what’s getting in your way is a start and, hard truth here, nothing is going to change unless you change something.

So – want 2018 to be different?  I am running a FREE workshop in January to help you identify the habits that may be getting in your way and to explore some fun ways to shift your behaviour to start getting what you want.  Until you identify the rate limiting habit, it is almost impossible to get that goal you want.  Check out my website for more information.