Do you "deserve" to get what you want?

When you don't know what you want, it is like being in a fog or trying to shoot an arrow in the dark - there is no target and even if there was you would not be able to see it to hit it.

What could be worse than that?  How about knowing what you want and then doing nothing about it? Or, knowing what you want and putting it on hold until "the time is right"?  Or maybe the most crippling - knowing what you want and not feeling like you deserve to have it?

One thing I continue to learn as I move through my journey as a coach is this - clients often come knowing what they want or at least knowing what they don't want.  Through the coaching process, the client will usually land on something that resonates for them.  Great news you may think...that's half the battle and yes, in many ways it is.  Yet what often gets in the way is the belief that for some reason they do not deserve to - be fit and healthy; have the partner of their dreams; live in the home they want; have the fulfilling career they dream of...the list goes on.

And sadly, until this fundamental mind block is removed, the client will remain stuck - stuck with knowing what they want and not standing in their power to believe that what they want is both possible for them and something they deserve.   

This personally resonated for me when I took the plunge and left my corporate job and pursued my dream of being a coach.  I had the courage to leave my job, knew what I wanted and went full force to get it.  Fast forward several months and still new in my business and I questioned myself, what's holding me back?  The resounding answer was believing that I deserve to be successful.  As I reflected on the question I thought "Of course I deserve to be successful! Who leaves their job, pursues a dream and then settles for being unsuccessful?  That is just (excuse my language) plain dumb!"  Until I had that realization, I was allowing myself to settle for what was and not pursuing the huge possibilities that exist for me.  Changing my self limiting belief changed my attitude and my approach to my business - I do deserve the success I have!

I share this as I know that so many of us hold ourselves back by believing that we don't deserve what we desire.  So here is my request for you - ask yourself - what is stopping me from pursing what I want?  Get curious. Be compassionate. Then make a decision. Believe you deserve it and then notice what changes for you!