What's Your Tipping Point?

So? What is it?


I can still remember when I hit my tipping point. It was the fall of 2013 and I was wrapping up a one on one meeting with my boss. I mentioned to her that I was "bored again". How she responded ended up being a catalyst that changed my entire world. She said- if it's any consolation, I've known you for 13 years and you always come out of this. 


As I left her office I thought - I always come out of this. And then it hit me like a slap in the face - I've been doing this for 13 years! Okay, maybe not the entire 13 years, however, I definitely had found that more often than not I would finish some project or challenge and then sink back into boredom.


Christmas came and went and I was back in my boss's office and nothing had changed for me, I felt bored and stuck - this is when I decided - it is time for me to own this. I left her office and made a life changing call. I hired a coach. Fast forward to now and here I sit, typing this blog, looking out into my sunny backyard and absolutely loving my life. 


Is it all puppies and flowers? Heck no! However, I am living my fulfilled life, on my terms. Did it happen overnight? Absolutely not. I worked with a coach for close to eight months and it wasn't until the fall of 2014 when I had a moment at work that again, changed my life. I contacted my coach about it and that's when the seed to become a coach myself was firmly planted. I began my official journey in January 2015.


What is my point? Sometimes, in order to get clarity, you need an outsider's perspective. Someone who has absolutely no emotional investment in your outcome yet someone who believes in and supports you 100%.


My tipping point took almost 13 years! I get that it takes time to decide that enough is enough. I want you to know, that when you decide that you've had enough and you're ready...I'm here.