What if today was "someday"?

You wake up and roll over.  You pick up your phone to check out what time it is and roll over again.  Wait a minute!  You grab your phone again and look, this time you rub your eyes...this can't be right!  Holy s**t!!  How did that happen?  You realize that today is "someday".  You know,  the day you find out the rich uncle died and you are inheriting millions; the kids have finished school; the house is paid off; you have lost the weight; you've stayed "just one more year" at the job you hate; you're retired etc. etc. 

Now what?  What happens now? What do you mean you don't know!  You have been waiting for someday to come for so long and now it is here you don't have a clue what to do. Fact is, someday is any day and it is up to you to decide that now is the time, now is the place.  Everything will never be perfectly lined up, there is no magic time.  I've heard it said that the days are long but the years are short.  Anyone with young children can attest to this one.  Scary thing is, it is true. You wake up and all of a sudden - boom - there you are, same place you were 10 years ago and still miserable.  Still waiting for the perfect conditions to do that thing you want to do or stop doing that thing you don't want to do.

So what if you imagine for a moment that someday actually is today. Close your eyes and see the picture clearly and notice who is in it, where you are and what is around you.  What would be different about this day?  What would you do first?  Do that.

someday is here.jpg