Is it time for a wake up call?


Well?? Is it?

I’m not referring to the “olden days” when a wake up call was a call you arranged for when you were staying in a hotel and wanted to make sure that you got up in time for something you were planning on doing. That is probably the only time that a wake up call is invited and expected. I’m talking about those moments in life when things change, often in a heartbeat and nothing is ever the same again.

A “wake up call” is a call to action. It could be a result of an “aha” moment, you know, that moment when someone says something that lands with you in a way that changes your previous thinking about a situation and you have your own mini-epiphany. Or, it could be a result of an “oh sh*t” moment, a moment that blindsides you and leaves you wondering “what am I going to do now”? And, it could be that moment when you decide that enough is enough. I’m done….with whatever it is…the job, the relationship, your physical state, way of thinking etc.

A “wake up” call doesn’t sneak up on you, it is a whoosh…and all of a sudden, things will never be the same. It is that kind of experience, a moment that can knock the wind out of you and leave you breathless. It can also be the moment that propels you to the next amazing chapter in your life. Regardless it is a “call to action” where taking action might be the last thing on your mind. In fact, that is typically why it is a wake up call. Now what?

It is nearly the end of November. I know…sorry about that. Has another year gone by where you are wondering where the time went? You really meant to do this or to stop that, but then….

I felt compelled to write this article as I know a few people who recently received an unplanned wake up call and are looking for what’s next. However, I also know far too many people who have gotten to this time of year again by doing the same old thing, getting the same old thing and wanting something else. Putting in time.

Sometimes a wake up call gives you no other option than to make a decision, start something new, re-visit something you used to do or ….or what? That can be what happens too. Now what? Rather than been caught like a deer in the headlights, what if you actually had a plan?

What if you consider this message an invitation for a “wake up” call…your call to action. How would New Year’s Eve be different this year as you reflect on that thing you ended up taking action on because you decided it was time?

When the count down to 2019 is on how do you want to be feeling?  Do you want to feel like you are starting off on the right foot, that you are taking your situation under your control?  That you DO have options? Fast forward one year...what do you want to see? How do you want to feel?  

It is possible to start planning to be where you want to be in 2019. To be setting yourself up for the best year ever.  There are so many possibilities for you!  

Want to make 2018 the year that you decided to take a step towards what you want? Or do you want to continue to put things on hold until …..It is time to claim the life you deserve!  Lets discover your next step together.