Beginnings Aren't Just for January

"It's always just beginning. Everything is always just beginning." - Jakuso Kwong.  What a great sentiment, even if we are more than half way through 2018.  It is important to remember that every day you can clean the slate and start again. Truth.  Somewhere along the line someone made up that you can only decide to create something new in January and then after that, well, not so much.  If you blew your diet, well it is now blown so may as well give up.  If you missed a few days of the gym, may as well skip the rest of the week.  If you haven't meditated today you may as well give up....and the list goes on.

This year in particular, I am kicking that idea to the curb.  I am taking Jakuso Kwong's quote and applying it to every single day.  It doesn't mean that I erase everything I have done, it means I approach each and every day with fresh energy, excitement and commitment for continuing towards my goals. It means letting go of the not so productive ideas and not attaching special meaning to them and opening up space to create different ideas.  Its a process.

Anyone in business knows that constantly adjusting the sails is how you get to your destination.  If you don't assess and check in with yourself and your goals and adjust accordingly you may be a bit rigid and rigid sounds well, rigid.  When you look at each day as an opportunity to notice what is working and what is not and act accordingly, you stand a much better chance of achieving your goals and, it feels good.  You're in charge of you.