It is New Year's Eve!

Yep! You read that correctly! I don’t know about you, but for me, September always brings a sense of renewal and fresh energy. Like a new beginning for the last part of the year. This probably stems from when it was back to school time and as summer was drawing to a close, a new chapter was beginning. Although I haven’t been “back to school” in quite some time, I still look at September as a time to reflect on what has happened so far in the year and a chance to course correct if that is what needs to occur.

September 1st has a special meaning for me as it marks my third anniversary in my own business and reflecting back on the year so far is so useful in deciding how I want to spend my energy for the next four months. It helps me account for and realize just how much I have accomplished since January and shows me the gaps that I need to consider for the rest of the year. Taking a conscious pause to check in with yourself is something most of us do not routinely do however, it can be really useful. This year, September means renewing by taking a trip to Italy and slowing down to pause and reflect and let some of the work I have been doing get integrated. So for September 2018 I will be savouring the last few weeks of summer, all while taking in some breath taking views with some good company, good food and, of course, good wine!

So what about you? If slowing down isn’t in your plans, what is in your plans? Are you satisfied with how things are shaping up for 2018 or are you ready to shift gears? If a “course correction” is required, what action are you going to take? You still have plenty of time to finish 2018 in a way that is meaningful for you.

So here is my challenge for you, will you take 15 minutes to reflect on how far you have come this year? No kidding, will you? Once you have done that, continue to write the ending that you want to have for 2018. Visualize it and make it vivid. Imagine this New Year's Eve and what you want to look proudly back on. What did you let go of this year? What new things did you discover about yourself? If you keep doing what you’re doing, is the ending likely to happen? If not, take some time to think about what you need to do to finish up how you’d like. You may need to alter your plans to get there but know that you have a choice. Take things off autopilot and step into the driver’s seat – it’s your life!

Oh and Happy New Year!

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