Are you on the run?

Running away from what you “don’t want’ is not the same as running towards what you “DO want”.

Come again? Think about it. When you are “running away” from what you don’t want, there may be an energy of fear, desperation and maybe some relief However, when you are running towards what you want…BAM!! Completely different energy. Perhaps the excitement of possibilities and a fresh start and maybe, sometimes, hope.

When I look back on my ride so far I can clearly see (thank you 20/20 hindsight!) the times in my life where I was running away from something vs. running towards something. No regrets here, just learning.

You may recognize some of the things I did when I looked back. When you are running from something without knowing what you actually want to run to, you often end up exactly where you were before. Oh, the face in the relationship may look different, or the company may have a different name, the situation may look brand spanking new and then…well… All of a sudden, that person in the relationship acts a lot like the previous person you were involved with, or the job you are doing ends up being a lot like the one you left. You get the picture? When you are “on the run” you get what you get and sometimes its good and sometimes, well, it ends up being the same.

When you are running towards something you want and you are clear, this is a completely different experience. You don’t settle for the “this is as good as it gets” lie that we often tell ourselves. You know that there is something worth striving for so you keep going until what you really want presents itself. When you are clear, you recognize and are ready and poised for the opportunity when it shows up. Notice the difference? There is a confidence and belief that what you want is out there and you are not going to settle. You are comfortable with taking the time you need for the right circumstances.

Patience. Perseverance. Purpose.

So what compelled me to write this one? As I have written before, I write about what I hear. There are so many people “on the run” - to the next job, relationship etc. and if they took literally a couple of hours to get clear on what they wanted, they would have their compass set, a roadmap formed and be poised to take their first step.

I help people stop running away from what they don't want and start running towards what they DO want.

Does this describe you? You are pretty successful at what you are doing, maybe even really successful...and, you have hit a roadblock. You are constantly running but it is to escape the things you don't want and, quite frankly, you are feeling unfulfilled. My clients hire me to challenge their limited thinking, because these smart people know that if the thinking they were using was working, they wouldn't be running away all the time.

The common denominator? My clients recognize that having a partner to work through a roadblock is a way to open up options that they can't see on their own. Think about it. How would it feel to start running towards what you want?

If you are ready to stop running away, contact me for a zero obligation chat about how we can get you running to somewhere you want to go.