Clarity. direction. Strategy

It is October, yikes!

October. The month of change. The leaves start to turn magnificent colours, the days start to visibly shorten and the unmistakable coolness of the evening starts to get more consistent. Change.

So, how are you with change? If you’re like most humans, change will usually create an uncomfortable response in us. Not because there is something wrong with us. On the contrary, it is our brain doing what it is meant to do, resist changing so it can keep us safe. Truth. This is our brain’s number one job. So it prefers that we don’t change. Practical? Not at all. I have heard that change is kind of a given. Even if we do nothing different at all, the world around us will change and, no surprise here, result in changes for us.

What about the change that you want to make but that brain of yours keeps kyboshing it with the fear response - again - this is biology. How can you move forward?

That’s what I’m here for. If you are ready to start exploring that change you’ve been wanting and you want to quiet the fear monster. Let’s chat. I promise, you have options.

Clarity - Where am i?

Sharpness, coherent, intelligible etc. or one of my favourites “clearness”….

Clarity can be a little underrated, however, until you are clear – whether that is where you are starting or where you want to go – things can be a little murky. Clarity starts with taking a look around and seeing where you are. Its like using your favourite “navigation app” and choosing your “starting point” so to speak. Sometimes you know exactly where you are - 123 ABC Street and sometimes you look around and aren’t recognizing the landscape so you indicate “your location” as a starting point. Perhaps a little less specific and yet, still a guidepost. Here’s the thing, until you have an idea of “where you are” it is kind of difficult to figure out where you want to go. If this step gets missed you may end up heading back to exactly where you already are.

What do you really want?

direction - Where am I going?

I’m talking about really considering what you want and then starting to move towards it - one step at a time. Like putting the “destination” in your navigation app. It is something to aim for. This is not about running away from what you “don’t want”. It is about running towards what you “DO want”. Notice the difference? When you are “running away” from what you don’t want there may be an energy of fear, desperation and maybe, initially, some relief. However, when you are running towards something you want…BAM! Completely different energy. The excitement of possibilities and maybe, sometimes, hope. I help you to take stock of where you are, that’s the “I am here” in the app. Then, we work towards getting you clear on what you want to keep, what you want to let go of, and, of course, what you may want to add. Like I said, it is putting the “destination” in your navigational app.

Strategy - what's stopping me?

If you’ve ever used a navigation app, you know that, well, sometimes you come to a dead end that wasn’t indicated on the map.  That road that is closed in the winter.  The impromptu road work that doesn’t show up. Its kind of like life and, you’ve got to start somewhere and get moving. We can get pretty comfy with the status quo and quite frankly, that’s how our brains like it, nice and easy. It allows them to focus on their number one job - keeping us safe. That is why any time you think about shaking things up, that little voice...the voice with all the excuses starts to get louder in your head. "You can’t" or "you should or shouldn’t" or "danger! danger!" get the picture. No matter what these things are, there is a strategy going on in the background and a benefit to staying stuck that is keeping you there. Even if it doesn’t feel that way. We don’t linger here too long. We spend time figuring out what is stopping you and then put in some strategies for you to notice when the behaviour starts and how to redirect it. Eventually, with practice, it becomes a habit. Its a process.


It is possible...

When is the last time you consciously thought about how you would like to feel? We tend to have so many choices and options available to us, that it can be completely overwhelming.  It can be equally overwhelming when you think you have no choice at all. Just sit with the question - how do you want to feel? Make a picture in your mind complete with sights, sounds and feelings. Maybe go back to a real time when you felt that way. What’s different now?  It is possible to get there. Together we work to open up possibilities so you can get the results you want!  No cookie cutter approach.  You are an individual and I blend my coaching, corporate and life experiences to help you find your next step. I help you to see options where you can't.  Curious?  Contact me for a ZERO pressure conversation to see what's possible for you.

… are you tired of running away from what you “don’t want” ?