Wanna play in a sandbox?

Think about it. When was the last time you played in a sandbox? Picture it now, running your hands through the sand, feeling the warmth of the sun on your shoulders. Creating a castle with pails full of sand, digging with your shovel or using a little rake. The beauty was you could try something and then try something else. If you didn't like how it turned out, no one came by and criticized what you made, you just started over again. Maybe used some of the skills you tried in the first place and then refined them a bit or added new ones to them. No matter what you were doing, you were having fun and most likely hanging out with some friends.

So what am I trying to point to now?

In order to get results, sometimes we have to try the same thing numerous times or sometimes it may be a good idea just to change things up. And then maybe, we just have to start over again. Regardless, if you're feeling stuck, any movement forward or maybe sideways, is better than no movement at all.

I am a firm believer in trying different things out, I love playing with ideas and concepts to see what sticks and I love helping my clients to see the fun side of things.

In that spirit, in addition to one on one coaching, I am adding small group workshops as an offering for people who are interested in approaching goals and change differently. A "sandbox" of sorts to come and play in.

So what can you expect?

In addition to being a certified coach I am also an NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming - a complicated name for a natural process) Master Practitioner. I blend these skills with my life and corporate experience to put together opportunities for people to come and "play" with a different way of getting what they want.

We will work in an intimate group of 6-10 participants maximum so that you can get some change happening.

We work content free - what does this mean and what is the benefit of this? The minute we open our mouths we filter what we are saying. By working content free, people are able to work through the exercises with complete freedom to work on whatever is most meaningful to them without worry of judgement. 

What's the vision I have for participants?

I want participants to take the typical "New Year's" resolution and turn it on its ear. Yes! I am talking about New Year's already.  What if your "New Year's resolution or goal" was treated more like a business plan...bear with me here. You wouldn't run a very successful business if you set your plan for the year on December 31st after a few glasses of champagne! It would probably take you until the end of the first quarter to get clear on what it was you really wanted and by then, you will have missed the first quarter of the year and already be behind target.

When I was in corporate, we had our goals for the next year set by the end of November. Maybe they would require some tweaking as the next year unfolded however, the beauty of working this way was you hit the ground running in January, knowing where you were heading. 

So how will this work?

Workshop #1 -November 26, 2016 (2:00  3:30) set the foundation to hit the ground running on January 1st (if you can wait that long to start!) by running a "Changing Habits" workshop. 

Workshop #2 - January 14, 2017 - "Keeping Focused & Relaxed"-  while everyone else is trying to figure out what they're doing, you'll be coming to a workshop to keep the momentum you started going. Note: Workshop is already 50% sold out!  

Workshop #3 - February 18, 2017 - "Keeping your Grit" - when life kicks in, and things get challenging, we'll look at turning stress into a gift.

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