Is it time for a change?

It's December already and the year is wrapping up - no pun intended for those of you who enjoy the Christmas Season!  When you look back on the year are you happy with how it turned out?  Did you meet those goals that you set?  Do you even remember those goals you set!?

Change is a funny thing and change is exactly what you are looking for when you are setting a goal.  You want something different, whether it is to start something new, stop something old or to tweak something, goals are all about change.  Usually that "something" is some sort of behaviour or habit that gets in our way of achieving our ultimate goal.

Funny thing is, if you are not crystal clear on what you want, you will not meet your goal.  Let me repeat that.  Unless you are crystal clear on what you want, you will not meet your goal. Sounds harsh and it is true.  

There are a few things I have noticed about people who are able to make and sustain a change and they are:  

  • They are very clear on what they want and it is very specific - it is so specific that they are able to visualize it.
  • They don't go after every single thing in their life at once.  
  • They have an awareness and willingness to make the change.
  • They have a positive mindset and a belief in themselves that what they want is possible.
  • The intention for the change is a positive one versus one motivated by pain.
  • They take the time to check in with themselves to see where they're at on a regular basis and they ask themselves "how am I doing?" and "what's different now?".
  • They are grateful for progress and patient and flexible - they don't let one little set back discourage them.
  • They are patient and compassionate with themselves and the change they are looking for.
  • They get support for the change - for example, they work with a coach; friend or some other sort of accountability partner or community.
  • They know that small consistent changes lead to big results.
  • They go back to the visualization of their goal whenever they need to and that provides motivation and reminds them of their intention.

If change is on your plan for 2017 I would love to have a conversation with you - 15 minutes with absolutely no obligation Contact me.  Just a chat about why working with me will provide you with a really good chance of meeting your goals for 2017.