"This life is more than just a read through" - red hot chili peppers

 I love music and I love quotes and I definitely love music that has meaningful quotes like the one above. "This life is more than just a read through" RHCP.  What comes to mind when you read this?  For me it is loud and clear, this is not a practice run we are on, this is the real deal here.  One kick at the can, take your best shot...you get the picture.  Yet...so many people live their life exactly like that, that it is a rehearsal for the "big event".  They will do this or that, when, this or that...they will take that vacation when the kids are bigger, they will follow their passion for art when they are retired, they will, they will, they will....

And life continues to happen like it always does.  The clock keeps tracking time and the days/weeks/months/years continue to pass.  Is it time to give your head a shake?  What exactly are you waiting for? 

One thing I have learned, is there is no "right" time to do anything.  You make plans and the universe will have a different plan for you.  I remember when I decided to pursue my coaching certification.  I knew that I would eventually leave the comfort of my corporate job and my husband and I started planning financially for this to become a reality.  I was about to begin my certification when I was told that my corporate position was being eliminated.  Suddenly, it was no longer up for debate.  This dream of mine was going to become a reality.  I always describe it like this - I was on the airplane with my parachute on waiting to jump and then, I was given a push - and here I am!  Thankful and grateful because truth be told, I might still be on that airplane waiting to jump had I not been given that serendipitous push.  Then again, knowing me, probably not!

What are you hesitating to do?  What is your dream?  Believe it or not, we are limited mostly by our attitude and how we look at things.  What is one thing you could do right now to move you one step closer to that "thing" you've been putting off "until..."?  Do that.  If you don't know the first step to take, hire a coach!  We're pretty good at helping our clients see the opportunities that are lurking just outside of their consciousness...its kind of what we do. 

Get Clear. Get Confident. Get Going!