Stuck in a Rut?

Stuck in a rut? How's that working out for you? Whether we want to admit it or not, sometimes staying "stuck" is exactly what we want to do. No judgement here! Been there, done that and yes, sometimes still visit the old "ruts". What's different for me now? I can recognize when I am travelling down that path again and ask myself some tough questions including - what are you choosing to do, or not to do right now? Ouch! I have a choice and quite frankly, sometimes I am happy to stay cozy and stuck.

I know that I am not alone and neither are you by the way! It is the way we humans are. Sometimes it is just easier and more "comfortable" to stay stuck in something we don't like - a career, a relationship, a body - you get the drift - than it is to do something about it. There is something familiar and safe about staying where we are. We know it and what to expect, even if it is not good.

I have noticed a pattern emerge with "almost" clients and sometimes with clients, friends, gym buddies, family etc. They think they want different, they ask for different and then when the potential for "different" shows up, they run and hide. I get it! Different takes work! When we are on the cusp of deciding to change something, all of our alarm bells are triggered and we feel safer if we just stay where we are. Even if where we are is uncomfortable and we know we deserve better. But oh... when you have the courage to decide that YES, I want different and I am afraid (probably the number one reason why we stay stuck) and I'm going to do it anyway, then that is where the real magic can happen.

The good news is, you do not have to do it alone. That's where having a coach on your side can make all of the difference for you. Having someone to believe in you and support you as you take on what may seem like an insurmountable challenge can be the difference between making the change or running and hiding. So what's it going to be? Stuck and existing or not settling and living!


Get Clear. Get Confident. Get Going!