5 Questions to ask (and answer!) ...everyday!

I am a wanna be journal writer - if that’s even a thing. Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy writing, obviously! However the practice of daily writing and reflection that is supposed to be so very useful has eluded me. I have tried, occasionally, until it started to feel like “work” - usually by day two!

So what have I discovered that has changed this for me? These five simple questions that take minutes to answer, because often they can be answered in one word. I can’t take credit for them, although I also do not know who came up with them.

So - here they are - actually in order because it does make a difference. I recommend doing this first thing in the morning before you start your day.

  1. I am (feeling)? Just notice without judgement. It is information. Is it determined, sad, joyful, tired, happy etc.? Check in.

  2. I want…? Whatever this means for you. I’ve learned to let whatever “pops” into my head be the “thing” that I will focus on for that day. I figure that it must have come up for a reason.

  3. I choose to…? This is an action step - you can’t get what you want without deciding that you will do something. Again, something usually bubbles up for me that seems to be what I need to do.

  4. I ask for…? For some, this could be a request to their God, guide, source or it could be an actual person that you want to ask something of.

  5. I am grateful for….? There seems to be a lot of evidence that suggests gratitude is a way to live a happier life. Pick one thing. If you are having a difficult time, it could be the bed and pillow you have or the good cup of coffee you had yesterday. It doesn’t have to be a huge thing. Oh yeah, and if more than one thing comes up feel free to write that down too!

So why do I like this, and actually stick to it? It takes maybe 5 minutes maximum and usually much less, and, it really has made a difference in how I approach my day - with some focus and clarity.

Give it a try! I’d love to get your feedback. Interested in taking the 7 day challenge? Subscribe below to receive a free worksheet.

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