What keeps you motivated?

Its early in the year and even so, I find it is never too early to think about motivation. I have been reflecting on the tools I use to stay motivated and thought I would share one of my favourites today. One thing that I am guessing is not unique to me is that a song can completely change how I am feeling at any given time, can pump me up and change my perspective. So, I thought I'd share my “playlist” that never fails to give me energy to keep going and I would love to hear what song(s) you go to when you want some motivation.

I came up with five songs. Why five songs? For no other reason than when I thought about what my “go to” songs were for motivation or inspiration, these songs came instantly!

  1. “Closing Time” by Semisonic - why this song? I love the line in the song “every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end” - because - sometimes, in order to move on in life, something has to end - a relationship, a job, an attitude - in order to allow for something new to begin. Rather than looking at this as a “sad” thing, it is always a place for reflection and gratitude. What did I learn? Where can I take this experience I have gained?

  2. “Can’t Stop” by the Red Hot Chili Peppers - there are a couple of sentiments expressed in this song that speak to me - “choose not a life of imitation”; “go write your message on the pavement” - being you. I’m wondering if any one else received the opposite message? I’m guessing that if you went to a traditional school, the first thing you learned was that “fitting in” matters. If you decided to write “your message on the pavement” - what would it say?

  3. “Relentless” by The Arkells - sticking to something long enough to reap the rewards. In this “instant gratification” world we live in, it is good to be reminded that an “overnight” success often takes a number of years. Being relentless, for me, means seeing the possibilities and remembering the reasons you started out as fuel to keep going. What could be possible if you became “relentless” about something you want?

  4. “Work Shoes” by USS- Time to move on. I for one, have learned that staying too long anywhere is not a good idea. Staying “long enough” is always better. Knowing which is which….well, that is more of an art than a science! Where are you lingering too long?

  5. “Medicine Bow” by The Water Boys - Acknowledging the voice in your head that no longer represents who you are anymore. Being brave and cutting the ties that have been keeping you stuck. What is the voice in your head telling you? Is it still true?

Why this? Why now? January is a time of refreshment for many of us. There really is a rule of beginnings that most definitely kicks in at the beginning of the year. And, it also kicks in Mondays, the first day of the month/quarter etc. (for more on this read Dan Pink’s book “When”). Also, for some people, with non-traditional careers, January is a continuation in the journey and sometimes, a little motivation is useful.

I would love to hear from you…what song keeps you going?

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