You have a super power!

Your “intention”…yes…it is a super power…”

Not sexy enough? Bear with me! Take a read and find out. What does this mean and why does it matter?
When we have an "intention" to expect something "good" or "bad", our brains will act on the "intention" and our 'attention" will be drawn towards it.
Think of it this way: did you ever play the classic "road trip" game when you were a kid....find the "red" car or VW Beetle etc.? Then, how amazing was it that there were suddenly so many red cars or VW Beetles on the road? Or fast forward to when you got a Golden Retriever, you named your child, or you bought a grey BMW. All of a sudden, everyone has a Golden Retriever, that "unique" name...there are three others at the daycare and the get the picture. I'm guessing that you realize that all of these dogs, kids and cars were already there, it is just that you are noticing them now.
So how does this work in "real life"? It can work for us and against us. If you look for things you don't want, chances are, they are going to show up. This is not magic. It is how our attention works. So think about it. Where are you looking for things to "go wrong" vs. possibly "going right"? That employee/boss/colleague that you have pigeon holed because all you see is the unfavourable behaviour? The meeting with that other team that is always a "battle". The child that always misbehaves, the spouse who "never" helps out etc. Or, maybe, turn the mirror on yourself. How often do you decide that something isn't going to work out before you even get started? Whether it is the weight loss plan, the job interview, the test results etc. where are you setting your intention? For success or failure?
Thing is, we find what we are looking for and tend to filter out the other things. So what if you started looking for when the employee/child/spouse/etc. is doing something "right"? What if the meeting with that other team was an "adventure" instead of a "battle"? You may find that they actually do more things "right" then you thought. And, how about yourself?? Try it. People have an amazing capacity to rise or sink to expectations, yourself included! When you decide to set your intention to a more positive outlook, you just may find that you are noticing that the people around you, both at work, home, the gym etc. are really doing some pretty great things! You too! No joke. What do you have to lose?

If you are continually finding the downside of things and want a shift in perspective, Contact me and we'll figure it out, together.