Is there something you are ready to "put to bed"?

Do you have something hanging around  in the back of your mind that you are ready to take a final look at? It doesn't necessarily mean that the situation is going away, it may just mean that you are ready to stop ruminating over it.  Maybe it is a "decision" you have been holding off on?  A way of thinking that is getting in your way? Maybe it is something physical you can't change. Or it could be a situation that is truly "beyond your control". It doesn't have to be something big, just something that has been "niggling" at you and perhaps taking up a little more "bandwidth" then you would like it to.

I have three "viewpoints"  for you to ponder when you are thinking of your particular situation. Three questions that I ask myself.  Do I: Let it be? Let it go?  Or do I let something in?   

Let it Be

The Beatles really did have some wisdom when they wrote that song. What can you accept? Where is there something in your life that you wish was different and you cannot change it? It could be a physical situation or an idea in your head that things must be a certain way. Maybe it is a person that is not the way you think they "should" be and you still want them in your life. Acceptance. Letting it be. Embracing how it is rather than how you think it should be. Letting it be imperfect. Taking a breath and understanding that this truly is the way it is.  Now what?

Let it Go

What are you ready to let go of? This is a big question. It means saying I am done with this.  It might be a particular way of thinking that is not useful for you? I don't know. Maybe it is letting go of an attitude or idea. It could be hanging on to a relationship that you have outgrown, a job that has run its course for you or, it could literally be a material, tangible thing. Whatever pops up for you. Ask yourself. What can I choose to let go of in this situation?

Let it In

Let it in. What are you ruling out? What might deserve a second look? It could be a thought, an idea, a different perspective. What bubbles up for you? That thing. What if you let that in? What becomes possible now?

Take a moment now. What is different now when you think about that situation? What new information do you have? What choices about this situation are now possible?

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