Do you keep your socks in the freezer?

Me neither, I was rushing to get ready to head out downtown yesterday morning I realized that one of my socks was missing so I went to the laundry room to get it. Where did I look for it? In the freezer, of course. Doesn't everyone keep their socks in the freezer? It is summer after all! I can't make this up. Then, I hop on the subway to get to where I was going. I get off, start walking and after walking a bit I think to myself, this seems to be taking longer than usual. That's when I realize that I got off one stop earlier than I intended.
Why am I telling you about this?
I am going to guess that I am not the only one who may be tired and ready for a break. The socks and the subway are signs for me. Signs that it is time for me to stop, take a break and reflect. Ask myself a couple of questions. Where am I? What am I feeling? Take some time to notice what answers bubble to the surface for me. What am I getting too much of or too little of? Sit with these questions or maybe journal. Reflect....
How about you?
What are the signs for you that you need to slow down? Maybe it is not looking for a sock in the freezer. Perhaps it is finishing a conversation and not knowing what was said; leaving a meeting and heading into the next one in a blur with no idea what is on the agenda, gulping down another meal and not knowing what you ate. I don't know. I'm guessing that the signs for you are as unique as you are.
It is summer time, and in my mind there is no better time to slow down and reflect. The weather is warm, it is beautiful outside. The perfect time to take a look around and check out the scenery. Maybe sit still and breathe. So that's what I am intending to do. Starting now.
How about you? When you get your "signs", what if you stop and take some time to reflect?. See what opens up for you.

sock in the freezer.jpg